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Athlete / Team List 2017


Athlete / Team List 2017

29th September 2017

o all clubs/teams

Can I thank all the clubs/teams that have submitted your Athlete List/Team List for 2017. There some teams that have not submitted yet……you must be mindful the Athlete List/Team List needs to be with the league before the 1 October, please see the extract from the P&Cs

A1. Eligibility of swimmers:

a.     Each swimmer participating in the National Swimming League shall have joined the team he or she represents before 1st October in the year of competition and have registered his or her membership with that team with the relevant National Governing Body prior to that date.
[Note: This is determined by the National Committee as conformity is required across the country for entry into the national finals. It is subject to change by the National Committee.
b.     The names, dates of birth and British Swimming registration numbers and British Swimming registration categories of swimmers who may be selected to swim for the team are to be forwarded to the League Secretary before 1st October in the year of competition.
A swimmer will not be eligible to compete in any round if that swimmer is not registered with the league secretary before the 1st October in the year of competition.
c.     A swimmer may not compete for more than one team in the National Arena Swimming League (All Divisions) during the 12-month period 1st May to 30th April.
d.     Any dispute as to eligibility shall be adjudged by the relevant ASA Laws, Regulations & Technical rules.
e.     Any contingency not covered by these eligibility rules shall be referred to the Officers of the League for resolution.

Adrian Edwards
National Swimming League Western