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Wycombe Leisure Centre

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Venue details for Wycombe Leisure Centre


Handy Cross,
High Wycombe,
HP11 1UP - For Sat Nav please enter HP11 1TJ


We will be using the Competition Pool in Short Course configuration. This is at the fixed depth end of the pool (away from changing facility). The depth is a constant 2m. Due to lifeguarding and organisational restrictions the community pool and the variable depth end are not available to swimmers.

Please note that no large bags may be brought poolside, only small drawstring type bags will be permitted.

Warm up is scheduled to start at 17:00


We only have access to the changing rooms from 16:30

Please do not enter the changing rooms before the centre allow, teams can wait on the Café side of the turnstiles to allow the public to leave the facility unhindered.

Teams Travelling by Coach

Please use the drop of bays outside the centre as shown. The rules allow coaches to stay over in the lay-by while they have passengers in the Leisure Centre and the drivers are available to shuffle the coaches if required. Please ask the drivers to leave space for two per bay

There will be WDSC coaches going out from the centre by and we are planning to use the bay nearest Waitrose for that so you have the other bays. See attached details



Car Parking at the new Wycombe Leisure Centre is limited, but ample additional parking is available in the adjacent Coachway Park and ride which is currently free of parking charges. Competition goers should avoid using the Waitrose car park

Backstroke Ledges

Backstroke ledges start will not be used.


The AOE will be used during this event.

Changing Room

Changing rooms are on the left after the turnstiles. There are limited numbers of changing rooms so swimmers should pass quickly through the changing facility to poolside. Please remove dirty outdoor shoes or use the overshoes provided before proceeding through the facility to change.

Swimmers please note that you should use any changing rooms as a temporary changing facility and not leave bags and clothes in any changing room. Please note that only authorised volunteers, officials, team managers, Coaches and swimmers will be permitted entry into the changing rooms.


All lockers are secured by Padlock rather than coin mechanism.

Padlocks should be 40mm combination locks with a 6mm diameter shackle and can be purchased at Reception or you can bring your own. The Leisure Centre will be selling padlocks for Swimmers. Due to the limited number of lockers in the changing rooms, we would ask swimmers, where possible to share lockers, they are reasonably large and have ample room for two swimmers bags.


Please note that spectators may not bring their own chairs and should use the seating provided, and walkways must be kept clear.

There are ample spectator seats available but as the event is swum short course some seats will have better views. Admission to the spectator area will be on a first come first served basis.

Access to the spectator area is through the turnstiles and upstairs. Usual Arena charges will apply.

Food Facilities

Wycombe Leisure Centre has a small cafe, offering sandwiches and hot drinks, however note that there is not the facility for full catering. Waitrose, located adjacent to the leisure centre is also open and has a cafe.

Vending machines are available in the centre for all things swimmers probably should not eat or drink.