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Pavilions in the Park

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Venue details for Pavilions in the Park


West Sussex,
RH12 2DF


Phone: 01403 219200


25m deck level pool, 8 lanes, anti-wave lane ropes, electronic timing. The pool depth at the shallow end is 1.0m and the deep end 1.9m (which is the start end).

An area will be assigned on poolside for each of the competing teams. A sign will be located on poolside to indicate this assigned position.

Please do not allow swimmers into the spectator area from poolside (stairs become dangerous when wet).


Entry to poolside and to the spectator area will be open twenty minutes before the advertised warm up time (ie. from 6.10 if warm up 6.30 for 7.00 start)

Teams Travelling by Coach

There is access for coaches to drop off, but no designated coach parking (Pavilions have said that coaches park at Collyers carpark, which is just down Hurst Road RH12 2EJ)


There are 200 parking spaces at Pavilions.

The car park payment system has changed, and the car park now has barriers at the entrance and the exit of the carpark. 

The car park uses a Number plate recognition system, and the barriers will lift when the cars drive towards the barriers.

Payment is then made by the customer before the customer leaves not when they arrive as before.

Current charges :

charges are applied from 7am-8pm

0-1 hours : £1.00
1-2 hours : £1.60
2-3 hours : £2.20
3-4 hours : £3.60
4-5 hours : £5.00
6 hours : £9.00
1 day : £16.00

Sundays and Bank Holiday – £1.50 all day

There are other car parks close by – council offices RH12 1RE £1.50 if parking after 6pm & BT exchange car park RH12 1RE free after 5pm (both postcodes are the same, carparks on each side of North Street)

Backstroke Ledges

No backstroke ledges will be in use.


AOE will be used during this event.

Changing Room

Changing rooms are located from the main reception area (opposite the café).

Absolutely no outdoor shoes are permitted on poolside. Overshoes are available at the entrance to the Changing Village and should be used before proceeding through the changing facilities and onto poolside.

Changing rooms should be used as a temporary changing facility and swimmers must not leave bags and clothes in any changing room.

Please note that only authorised volunteers, officials, team managers, coaches and swimmers will be permitted entry into the changing rooms or onto poolside.


Personal possessions and articles should not be left unattended.

Please place all kit bags in lockers, £1 refundable.


From main reception take the stairs (or lift) to first floor, spectator gallery is on your right as you come up the stairs (or turn left out of the lift).

Payment for entry to the gala will be taken at the entrance to the spectator gallery.

Seating is provided and please keep walkways clear.

Food Facilities

Pavilions have a café which is open until 7pm on Saturdays. There are also vending machines.

More recently the cafe has been open until 5pm, although the centre cafe may have extended hours for the Arena League event.

In case of a fire

In case of fire or the need to evacuate the building, there will be a loud audible signal. Swimmers, coaches, officials and anyone else poolside should go to the fire exits at the each end of the pool and await instructions from the center personnel. Spectators should make their way to the nearest exit bearing in mind that this may be behind you, following all instructions from the center personnel.