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Invitation to New Clubs to Enter


Invitation to New Clubs to Enter

14th January 2019

Any Club in the North West which is interested in entering the National Arena Swimming League North West are invited to contact the Secretary via the contact page on this part of the Website to discuss the matter.
If you look at the Section on Rules and Docs you will get an appreciation of the League. We have, in addition to the normal programme swum by the Premier, Div 1 and Div 2, a Minor Division which is less demanding in that it has a smaller programme and the need for swimmers is more flexible. This Division is used as a development league and a number of clubs have found it beneficial prior to possibly entering the normal programme.
Formal Registration Forms are normally sent out at the end of April for clubs to commit to the league with the draw for the first round being made in July/August.
Also if any existing clubs in the league intend to withdraw it would be appreciated if they let their intention be know before the registration forms are issued.