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Eligibility of Swimmers to Compete – Rule 7


Eligibility of Swimmers to Compete - Rule 7

2nd November 2012

Over the past few years there have been all too regular reports to League Officers of Clubs competing with swimmers who do not meet the eligibility criteria of the League. The particular point in question is the requirement that all competitors must be registered with the ASA, as members of the competing Club from, and including, 1st October in the year of competition. These reports lead to a considerable amount of time having to be spent by league officials trying to establish the facts. The amount of work falling to League Officers has become unreasonable and will not continue.
We have recently seen, and circulated, a statement from the National League Secretary on this very same point. This notice is giving additional information as a follow up to the national statement in order to assist Clubs in understanding the stance and process undertaken by the National Arena Swimming League – North West.

Eligibility requirements are set out in the League Competition Rules.

Rule 7 clearly sets out the requirement that a competing swimmer’s registration form MUST have been received by the ASA prior to the 1st October in the year of competition. Submission of a batch of memberships utilising the Online Membership System does not fulfil this requirement. The paper registration form has to be received before the 1st October.

The League will take a very simple and strong line in dealing with any reports that a swimmer has not complied with this requirement.

On receipt of a report an enquiry will be made via the ASA online ‘Membership Check’ – If the record does not show the swimmer to be a member of the competing Club prior to the 1st October in the year of competition all points accrued by the swimmer will be immediately deducted under Rule 10.

The onus and responsibility sits only with the affected Club to prove to the satisfaction of the League (in the first instance the Competition Secretary) that the swimmer was correctly registered. The League will not take any action to follow up reports other than a Membership Check, if this does not show the swimmer to be correctly registered all relevant points will be deducted.

It is recognised that for many reasons a swimmer may wish to withhold or ‘hide’ their details from appearing on the Membership Check system. If this is the case with a competing club swimmer it is the Club’s responsibility to produce evidence to the Competition Secretary prior to competition commencing. This evidence should be from the ASA Membership Office confirming name, registration number and date of membership of the competing Club.

All Clubs are strongly advised to carry out an online Membership Check of all their competing members to establish the information available and to take any steps necessary in order to ensure that they do not have points deducted as described above.

All deducted points will be re-instated upon satisfactory proof of compliance with the rules of eligibility.

Whilst this issue has predominantly affected the Premier Division it must be noted by all Clubs that the rule and its application relates to all Divisions.