Fantastic News


Round one has happened

18th October 2021

Round one has taken place in most parts of the country – the secretaries have achieved under very difficult
circumstances. Whilst everyone has not been happy about how things have worked out, the League has run, and
round two is expected to be even better. Covid is being blamed for everything, but even booking pools has been a
challenge, with pool providers cancelling long-secured bookings with only a week or two prior to round one.
Some clubs have unfortunately had to withdraw this year, some have only been able to swim virtually, but the
majority have swum in-person – face-to-face. More teams have been able to compete with the reduced programme
only requiring, if necessary, 16 athletes, but there was still the possibility of up to 50 swimmers taking part, with
each swimming once. The other advantage of the reduced programme is that it reduces congestion on the poolside.
Some in-person events have been created between local teams to reduce travelling, often organised by one of the
All events are indoors, and therefore we should all be complying with the government guidelines, advising the
wearing of a mask, social distancing and washing hands. We are ALL responsible for our own safety and the safety of
others, so please be sensible and ensure that the League galas are safe places to be.
Thank you to everyone for their co-operation, especially the host clubs and their helpers, and all the officials who
have ensured that the League can take place.
Feedback has been received about the 2021 conditions, and they have been updated for clarification. The mixed
relays have been well received, as has only having the final two relays with four athletes instead of six. However
others have fed back that we should not have reduced the programme! If you have any feedback please let the
national secretary know.
Regardless of all the issues, many youngsters have been doing what they want to do – swim with their club in The
National Arena Swimming League – and there have been PBs, smiles and tears. We are back in the water, thanks to a
small group of volunteers who have been brilliant!
The national finals are still due to take place on 5th/6th March 2022.
Enjoy round two.