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Covid -19 and the Rounds 2020


Covid - 19 and the Rounds 2020

19th April 2020

To all clubs and teams in The National Arena Swimming League,

On behalf of the National Executive committee of The National Arena Swimming League I hope we find everyone well and safe. We have all found ourselves in an unprecedented situation with the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The National Executive committee met to consider all the options that are open to the constituent leagues at this time. The National Arena Swimming League, along with our partners Arena and Solo Sports, believe the health and wellbeing of the swimmers and everyone involved in swimming is most important to us at this time. It’s important that everyone follows the guidance to help combat the spread of Covid19.
It was decided that:-
1. The constituent leagues will continue with the arrangements for the three rounds in 2020.
2. If we find ourselves in the position where the country still has restrictions in place, we will then consider only swimming two rounds, or one round depending upon the situation.
3. The constituent leagues will not be asking for any affiliation fees for the 2020 rounds.
4. All teams that wish to take part, will still need to make their applications so the constituent league secretaries can collate all the information so the rounds can be scheduled.
5. Arrangements will be made to reimburse fees to the relevant teams or clubs that have paid an affiliation fee for this year’s rounds.
6. The national executive committee will be convening further meetings and will update all teams of the current position via the club/team contacts.
All teams that have submitted applications to swim in 2020 will be contacted via their club/team contacts and updated on a regular basis over the next several months.
On behalf of The National Arena Swimming League and its partners, I wish everyone the very best during these times of uncertainty. Just remember that all athletes need to swim with hope in their heart and dreams in their heads, and with that we will see everyone when all the restrictions are lifted, and everyone will be the stronger.
On behalf of Executive Committee of The National Arena Swimming League,

Adrian Edwards

National Chairman
17 April 2020