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Draws & Results – Western

Round 1 Results – 12th October 2019

14 October, 2019

Click view the Arena Round 1 Results here

Round one draw -12th October 2019

30 September, 2019

The draw for the round one gala can be downloaded here.

Western League – Round 1 Draw

26 February, 2019

Here is the Draw for Round 1 (2018-19)

Please ensure you check the warm-up and start times, and of course the host venue.

Round 1 2018 Venue

26 February, 2019

To all Teams
Sorry for the delay in replying.

Further to my last emails. I would like to confirm the galas in round 1 due to be swum in Millfield will still be held in Millfield Pool.

Therefore the teams in Premier Div Gala 1 and Gala 1 in Div 1 that are drawn in those galas will still be swimming in Millfield School at the times shown on the draw sheet provided (below).
Please accept this apology on behalf of the Western League for the disruption.

The league hope that all the swimmers enjoy the upcoming swimming season

Round 3 Draw – 8th December 2018

25 February, 2019

December round 3 draw

December round 3 draw

Please see the Draw for Round 3, Western League.
Fast Swimming Clubs!

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Western Round 3 Results

25 February, 2019

Premier Division – Gala 1

Premier Division Gala 1

Division 1 – Gala 1

Division 1 - Gala 1

Division 2 – Gala 1

Division 2 - Gala 1

And finally the Western League Table positions after the Final Round 3, with adjustments as noted and explained after application of League rules:

Excel Spreadsheet Downloads
Results and league rankings 2018

Round 2 Draw … 10th November 2018

21 January, 2019

18-11-10 November

18-11-10 November

Please see the Gala Draw for Round 2 here, western League: