Rules & Docs – North West

North West "Handbook"

The documents listed below form the North West “Handbook”. These documents contain most of the elements that are needed to understand the North West League Rules. Clubs should read the information since it  will help in the running of the competition and the galas.

Below this section will be specific information and forms that clubs may/will need for each Division.

Premier League

The team sheet and instruction on how to complete the sheet all Premier teams should download the following:-

Arena Validation Sheet available on the National section of the website. Support information is also available on this section

Once complete, the team sheet spreadsheet must be dropped onto a memory stick and presented to the Recorders desk at the gala when you arrive. A paper copy is not required by the recorders.

Divison 1, Division 2 and the Minor League

Please do not use the Premier Team Sheet and memory stick. It is not required.

A team sheet (paper copy) must be presented to the Recorder desk at the gala when you arrive. The team sheet can be whatever paper system your club normally use.

It you do not have one you may wish to consider using the spreadsheet below.