Events 2023/2024

Events 2023/2024

Statement from the League Executive Committee


The League recently carried out a Survey Monkey to establish the way the 2023 Programme is to be managed. The Executive met this week to confirm the events to be swum and how we will comply with the Swim England Transgender policy.

  • All age groups shall remain as previously defined.
  • The categories shall be Female and Open/Male.
  • All galas shall be licensed.
  • All relays shall be single category as defined by Swim England Policy ie. Female and Open/Male.
  • All relays shall comprise of four athletes including events 49 and 50.
  • There will be an additional event, Event 51 which will comprise of an athlete representing each age group and category, so 8 athletes swimming in any order. Athletes can only swim in their own age group and defined category, they may not swim up.

Programmes of events, recording sheets and all the required paperwork will be produced in due course to comply with the new conditions which will also be produced following the AGM in June 2023.

April 2023

Congratulations to Chelsea & Westminster SC – London Winners 2022

Congratulations to Chelsea & Westminster who are The National Arena Swimming League – London winners 2022.


Chelsea & Westminster and Camden Swiss Cottage A will be invited to the national finals in Cardiff in March 2023, as the winners and the runners-up for the London league.

Basildon & Phoenix have also qualified through the virtual gala and will also be invited to the national finals in Cardiff.


Congratulations to Camden Swiss Cottage B and Maxwell who are the winners and runners-up in division one.


Congratulations to Enfield Swim Squad and Bishops Stortford  who are the winners and runners-up in division two.


This season the numbers in the divisions have not been maximised, and it is hoped that for next season the divisions will be at capacity again. After next year’s registrations the situation will be reviewed to provide the best scenario across the divisions, by promoting or relegating between the divisions, as would be the normal process.