Northgate Swimming Club - Round One 2014

A determined performance by a quintet of boys was the difference between victory and second place for Northgate sin the first round of the National Arena League.

A shortage of boys in the 14 and 15 age group meant Will Bernasconi, Connor Roberts, Jack Cole, Jacob Shinton and Henry Willis had to “swim up” an age group as well as contest all the events in their own age group, even though they are all still only 12 and 13.

But, along with 14-year-old Corey George, they amassed eight points in the higher age group – and the squad won the gala by just five, proving the old adage that every point counts.

The victory, which brings with it a five point bonus, means the threat of relegation from division two is lifted at the first hurdle.

It was an exciting and close gala from start to finish and, with 12 first places and 12 seconds, Northgate had top two finishes in almost half of the 50 events.

Claiming two first places each were Aaran Darley in the individual medley and backstroke, Abbie Nolan (backstroke, breaststroke) and Abi Whitehead (butterfly, freestyle), while Connie Sanders (freestyle) and Jennie Ballinger (breaststroke) got one win each.

There were also relay wins for the 13/under boys medley, 15/u girls freestyle and medley and boys open medley squads.

Finishing second were Cameron Minifie in the IM and butterfly, Matthew Whitehead (backstroke), Connor Roberts (backstroke), Harry Sanders (breaststroke), Jennie Ballinger (breaststroke), Oliver Smith-Machancoses (freestyle), Robbie Ross (freestyle) and the 11/u girls and boys medley and freestyle relay squads .
Third places went to Cerys Toner-Furlong (butterfly), Aaran Darley (butterfly), Daniel Galloway (butterfly), Connor Roberts (butterfly), Henry Willis (freestyle) and the boys 13/u and open freestyle relay squads.

There were fourth places for Cameron Minifie (backstroke), Jacob Shinton (butterfly), Elle Humphries (butterfly, freestyle), Cerys Toner-Furlong (freestyle), Jack Sanders (breaststroke), and the girls 13/u medley and freestyle and open medley relay squads.

Finishing fifth were Jack Cole (breaststroke), and Harriet Fitzpatrick (backstroke),  while getting the all-important points with sixth places were Will Bernasconi (backstroke), Corey George (freestyle), Jack Cole (breaststroke) and the boys 15/u freestyle and medley relay teams.

The swimmers are now waiting to see where they will be drawn in round two on November 8, where they will expect a tough gala against some of the top teams in the league.