Fareham Nomads - Round Three 2015

Fareham Nomads Swimming Club have made superb progress to come sixth in the National Arena Swimming League Division One West final round.

The Club, which is sponsored by Metis Homes, travelled to Maidenhead to compete in the top six gala of the league against teams from Amersham, Reading, Maxwell, Maidenhead and Mid Sussex Marlins on Saturday 12 December.  

Head coach Stewart Crowe said: “The team has made great progress from two years ago when in the final round they were racing to avoid relegation to Division 2.

“The aim for the team was to finish higher than sixth, a very difficult target for all involved.”

At the halfway stage of the gala the Club only had one victory from 25-year old Jamie O’Donnell in the 100m Butterfly recording a time of 57.56. Such was the competition and although not achieving winning spots the Club were only two points behind Mid Sussex Marlins.

Two further victories, one from Jamie O’Donnell who set a personal best in the 100m Breaststroke recording figures of 1.03.21.  Thirteen-year-old James Baxter displayed his potential with second places in the 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle events.

Other second places were secured by Mathew Sullivan who improved his 100m Backstroke time to a very respectable 1.07.74.  Assistant Coach John Molyneaux also gained a second place in the Men’s Open 100m Backstroke with figures of 59.97.

The only other swimmers to achieve second places were Daisy Ireland in the 100m Butterfly and Alice Moyse with a much improved 100m Breaststroke of 1.21.65.

Stewart added: “Although the final result of being placed sixth was somewhat disappointing, the team have improved tremendously from the position they were in two years ago.”

Final Points & Positions:
Amersham S.C. 216.00 1st
Reading S.C. 196.00 2nd
Maxwell S.C. 179.00 3rd
Maidenhead Marlins S.C. 167.00 4th
Mid Sussex Marlins S.C. 154.00 5th
Fareham Nomads S.C. 138.00 6th