Good News

The galas in The National Arena Swimming League-London will all be licensed this year.

Originally, the London league was unable to obtain licensing for this year’s galas. After appeals and discussions which have been on-going since the National League Annual General Meeting in June, the ASA Swimming Management Group has agreed that galas in The National Arena Swimming League can, after all, be licensed. The galas can be licensed at level 3.

Although this is not the best outcome for the London league’s premier division galas which have always been licensed level 2, at least licensing is possible again!

The licence numbers for the galas on 8th October will be available shortly.

Please note that The National Arena Swimming League-London rules regarding the qualifications of the officials provided by each team still apply, regardless of the licensing level – i.e. each team must provide a qualified J1 and a qualified J2 official.

Sheila Mackenzie