End of Season 2015

Congratulations to Hillingdon - the winners of The National Arena Swimming League London 2015! Teamipswich are the 2015 runners-up.

Hillingdon, and teamipswich have earned a place at The National Arena Swimming League finals weekend in April 2016.

The top six teams from the top gala in the premier division were entered into the national virtual gala for the top six teams from each of the seven individual leagues, and, from this, Hatfield and Ealing have also been invited to the finals weekend, having achieved place in the top twenty teams in that national virtual gala.

Harlow Penguins and Brompton, as winners and runners-up in division one, are promoted to the premier division for 2016.

Leander and Harpenden, as winners and runners-up in division two, are promoted to division one for 2016.

Watford and Hoddesdon are relegated to division one for 2016, and Enfield Swim Squad B and Braintree & Bocking are in division two in 2016, having been relegated from division one.