London League - Update

Please note that division one has been re-named the Premier division. This is following the national decision, and there will be uniformity throughout the country for the top division in each league. In London league the second division will be named division one and the third division will be division two. This is only a name change and does not affect the size of the divisions etc.

At the AGM advice was given of the expansion of the now division two to three galas per round to accommodate new applicants.

As advised, also at the AGM, all galas in the Premier division will be licensed. The licence will be level 2 for all the galas except the top gala in round three of the Premier division – the London league final - and that will be licensed level 1. This will lift the profile of the galas and the swimmers will have their times on rankings. If however the teams do not produce the officials required by the league under the terms of the licence, the times will not be on the rankings and the swimmers will miss out. So please ensure that your club has the required qualified, licensed officials at the gala, as not only will your club swimmers miss out if this is not the case, but all the other swimmers at the gala will also be affected!!!

Following the AGM and, in response to feedback at the meeting, the executive has decided to license to the galas in the new division one also for next season. This will be at licence level 3. Again this will be of benefit to the swimmers as times can be entered on rankings. The officials required at the galas will need to comply with the current licensing rules and the requirements of the league. Non- compliance will again affect all the swimmers at the gala!

The licenses have been applied for and success or otherwise will be announced on the website.

Sheila Mackenzie
Secretary – London League