Hy-Tek Team Converter File

We have discovered some issues with the Hy-Tek Team Converter File so as a temporary measure we have removed it from the website, we will be working on the issue and a new version will be made available soon.

The issue is caused by changes in format with the latest versions of Hy-Tek.

2014 Gala Documentation Update

We have had some questions about the compatibility of the Gala Recording Spreadsheet 2014 and Team Sheet 2014, we have completely rewritten these files for 2014 and they have been produced in .xlsx format. The files are fully compatible with Windows 7 or later and Office 2007 or later.

We are aware that it is possible to download Office Compatibility files from Microsoft so that older versions of Windows and Office can open .xlsx files, however we are unable to confirm that the files will work with this set-up.

For 2014 the files were heavily updated so that the galas are easier to run and we can produce results quicker for the British Rankings Database as a consequence they contain a number of macros that may encounter problems on older software. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


2014 Gala Documentation

We have released a new set of Gala Documentation for the 2014 season, please ensure that all Clubs and Hosts use the new documents which are available to download here.

The documents have all been updated to help with the smooth running of the Arena League Galas, many of the galas are now licensed so the new documentation helps ensure that the gala times appear on the British Rankings Database much quicker.

Our thanks go to Brian Smith for his continued support with these documents.

Annual Report 2014

The National Secretary's Annual Report for 2014 is now available for download here

Cup Final 2014 Results

Congratulations to Plymouth Leander on retaining the trophy - well done to all the competing teams for some exciting racing.

Place Team Points
1. Plymouth Leander 400
2. Stockport Metro 325
3. City of Leeds 319
4. City of Guildford 314
5. Hatfield 273
6. City of Peterborough 268
7. Salford 241
8. Preston 238
9. Liverpool 232
10. Boldmere 136

Full results are available here

B Final 2014 Results

Congratulations to City of Sheffield on a well earned win, well done to all the competing teams on a well fought competition.

Place Team Points
1. City of Sheffield 369
2. City of Cardiff 329
3. Millfield 318
4. Taunton Dean 279
5. Team Ipswich 264
6. Ellesmere College Titans 259
7. Woking 252
8. Northampton 250
9. Ealing 241
10. City of Coventry 192

Full results are available here
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