South League Round 3 - Woking Gala

The Premier Division gala 2 at Woking did not happen. 

There was a power cut affecting the Pool In The Park.  Power was off in the town centre earlier and did not restore to the pool on time.  Even if power had been restored on time the emergency lighting would then need 8 hours to re-charge and the pool management informed us that very regrettably they would not be able to let us run the gala. 

After consultation with the clubs involved it has been decided not to reschedule this gala.  The executive of the League has made the decision that the clubs involved will be given league points in line with the position they were in the table after round two.  

Thank you to everyone for understanding and to Michael Holden and Woking for managing the situation. 

London League Round Two Licensing

The results of the galas, except that held at Hertfordshire Sports Village, have been sent to rankings.

The gala at Hertfordshire Sports Village did not meet licensing requirements - initially because there were insufficient officials - one team not providing any officials, and another providing an official with a qualification not acceptable at a licensed, level two gala. Many swimmers missed the opportunity to have times on rankings, which could then be qualifying times for high level competitions – and this happened initially because there was a lack of commitment from some people.

London League - Team Lists Submission

Due to the demands of Licensing the galas the London League has new instructions for the submission of Team Lists and any subsequent changes to team members. All competing London League Clubs should download the instructions from here, an email will be sent to all competing clubs as well. Please ensure these instructions are followed closely or Swimmer's times may not end up on the British Rankings Database.

Gala Documentation

After some problems reported prior to Round One 2015, the gala documentation can be used with Windows 10 and the latest Microsoft Office Version 2016. The issue reported was a user problem rather than a software fault.

Could all hosting Clubs, Coaches and Team Managers prior to Round Two 2015 ensure that they download the latest versions from our website here

Licensing Update - London League

The London League Secretary Sheila Mackenzie has released a statement about the licensing of the London League Galas 2015, we would ask that all Clubs and Team Managers download and take note. The document can be downloaded here
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