National Finalists 2016

Congratulations to the National Finalists 2016 in both the Cup Final and the B Final which will take place in Cardiff.

Cup Final - 24th April 2016
Lane  Club League
0 City of Sheffield NORTH EAST                      
1 Hillingdon LONDON  
2 Thanet SOUTH                     
3 Millfield WESTERN                    
4 Plymouth Leander WESTERN
5 Guildford City SOUTH
6 City of Cardiff WESTERN   
7 City of Liverpool NORTH WEST
8 City of Peterborough EAST MIDLANDS                    
9 City of Derby WEST MIDLANDS                 
 B Final - 23rd April 2016
Lane  Club  League
0 City of Coventry WEST MIDLANDS                         
1 teamipswich LONDON                     
2 Wycombe District SOUTH
3 Stockport Metro NORTH WEST
4 City of Oxford SOUTH
5 Swansea Aquatics WESTERN
6 Hatfield LONDON
7 City of Leeds NORTH EAST
8 Ealing LONDON
9 Northampton EAST MIDLANDS