London League Round Two Licensing

The results of the galas, except that held at Hertfordshire Sports Village, have been sent to rankings.

The gala at Hertfordshire Sports Village did not meet licensing requirements - initially because there were insufficient officials - one team not providing any officials, and another providing an official with a qualification not acceptable at a licensed, level two gala. Many swimmers missed the opportunity to have times on rankings, which could then be qualifying times for high level competitions – and this happened initially because there was a lack of commitment from some people.

Not providing the required officials also breaks the league conditions. If teams wish to compete in the league, then the rules and conditions must  be obeyed.

The licence requirements were subsequently not met because of the failure of the electronic timing equipment. It should be noted that even if the electronic timing had operated throughout the gala, the licence would have been lost because the required officials were not provided.

The failure of equipment is a huge problem, and has disadvantaged and disappointed many swimmers. This has to be addressed by the pool provider, as it is not acceptable.

The lack of co-operation in not providing officials is totally unacceptable. So many hours have been spent in arguing our case for licensing the galas for the benefit of the swimmers, and to now have the situation that future licences might not be granted because of a lack of commitment is very disappointing to say the very least.

Sheila Mackenzie
The National Arena Swimming League-London