Gala Licensing - 2015 Season

Owing to the lack of care in the submission of swimmers details on the team lists submitted at the galas during the previous year's rounds, and the changes to swimmers not being corrected on the day, British Swimming has implemented additional requirements which the league has been unable to achieve prior to this seasons rounds.

The League has however contracted to have new software created to fulfil the new requirements ensuring that the correct swimmer details and the correct times can be submitted to rankings in the future.

We will be carrying out trials of software at a few galas, but the co-operation of all team managers and coaches to ensure the correct information is submitted for ALL rounds and that the correct swimmer swims every time, with the correct data submitted.

Start sheets will be produced where possible and the swimmers checked onto the blocks. Until we have it correct, licensing will not be able to be achieved.

Everyone's co-operation in getting it right will ensure that for 2016 some rounds will be Licensed.

The Premier Division finals for each league are expected to be licensed this year so long as the league is able to comply with Licensing Regulations in their entirety.

Ian Mackenzie.