London - Premier League Final 2014

Basildon Sporting Village was unable to meet the requirement for the pool to be set up in 50m mode for the top gala in the Premier division on 13th December. The gala was swum in 25m mode, which precluded the top six placed teams from being entered into the virtual gala.

The winner and runner up of the London league can go forward to the national finals, but the top six placed teams from the top gala can only be entered into the virtual gala, if that top gala is swum in 50m mode. This is a national requirement. The offer of a re-swim in 50m mode, to give all teams a chance to qualify to be entered into the virtual gala, has not been taken up by the majority of the teams, so the re-swim will not take place, as it would amount to just a time-trial for the teams taking part, and the top six placed teams could not be identified.

The awards for the London league will be made based on the results of the Saturday 13th December gala, since the majority of teams do not wish to re-swim, and also the teams swam in the knowledge that the winner and runner-up in London league would go through to the National finals and the teams could not be entered into the virtual gala if the 25m mode was used.