Changes to Finals 2013

Last week I was advised that City of Peterborough SC no longer wish to be involved with the Cup Final competition on 21st April 2013.

Having a club withdraw from the Cup Final creates a huge problem, since this year the B Final is being swum on the Saturday and the Cup Final on the Sunday. Despite Amersham SC having booked and paid for an overnight stay on the Friday, ready for competing in the B Final on the Saturday, they have happily agreed to participate in the Cup Final on Sunday. This has created a vast amount of work for their volunteers to sort out, and at present they are unable to cancel their hotel booking and get a refund. Amersham SC moving to the Cup Final has created a gap in the B Final, and Windsor SC are very pleased to fill that gap. I take this opportunity of thanking both clubs for their co-operation and response to this late decision by the City of Peterborough SC. The new lane draw is below.

Cup Final
Sunday 21st April - Cardiff
Warm-up 12 noon
Lane Club League
0 Amersham South
1 City of Sheffield North East
2 City of Leeds North East
3 Millfield Western
4 Plymouth Leander Western
5 Guildford City South
6 Hatfield London
7 Taunton Deane Western
8 City of Liverpool North West
9 Boldmere West Midlands
B Final
Saturday 20th April - Cardiff
Warm-up 12 noon
Lane Club League
0 Windsor South
1 Beckenham South
2 City of Derby West Midlands
3 Stockport Metro North West
4 Rushmoor Royals South
5 Ealing London
6 Preston North West
7 City of Salford North West
8 Warriors of Warrington North West
9 City of Cambridge East Midlands

Ian Mackenzie
National Secretary