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Modernians - Round One 2014

Overall, I think that the approach to the arena league was spot on. Fresh from 5 weeks of predominantly skill work, the coaching team and I, tasked the swimmers with one skills target for their race, and they were rewarded with a percy pig sweet if they completed the skill well under race conditions.

Around 80% of skills were transferred from training into the competition which is a huge amount. The key theory behind this is looking for long term gains at the Bedfordshire county championships in 2015 and beyond. We are looking to mould the correct skills, so when the training is undertaken, and the results in fitness show, the skills will benefit the swimmers, not only in winning races, and medals but ensuring that they have longevity in the sport. It is easy to look for short term gains in putting the swimmers through hard training in early season, but without constant technical additions to their repertoire, the limiting factor for their swimming career will be their technique NOT their genetic composition.

I was most pleased to see that when Brandon Nabarro completed his back to breast rollover turn, he gained a massive cheer from his team mates, and I feel that this set the standard for the rest of the competition. I did not feel that anyone had a bad swim. Some have a few more things to work on than others, but we showed good speed in the 50's and good tactical awareness too.

There were several good swims in seniors, but the standout swims were by Jamie MacCaffray. Jamie expresses power very well in his stroke, and for this season he has been working on holding the power over an increased stroke length. The analogy of a high gear in cycling versus a low gear, has helped him immensely. This transferred into a 7 second personal best in his breaststroke and a 3 second personal best in his butterfly. Jamie has also been training very hard, with lots of focus on his skills every session.

Other notable swims were Tia Wilson, hitting 29 on her relay leg on freestyle, totally missing out the 30 seconds; skill work by Aiyana Lawson on her 100m breaststroke, Ollie Maltby hitting 23 on the last leg of the relay, Paddy swimming his butterfly to an extremely high skill level, Jacob Bailey taking 6 seconds off his 50 free pb in his relays to name but a few.

I would personally like to congratulate all swimmers for a great team effort, and I am looking forward to faster, more skilled swims in round 2.

Vicky Simpson - Head Coach

 All inters were given the skills target of streamlining off the start and turns making  feet past flags underwater as well as some specific individual targets. Orla made a great start for technique improvement with a brilliant leg in the freestyle relay,really going hard breathing only when she absolutely had to. She later swam the breaststroke individual and really leg, showing off her improved leg kick keeping her head still the whole way. Jack.T, Josh and Thomas also worked incredibly hard on controlling their breathing in both freestyle individuals and relays. Josh also achieved his skill target keeping his long stroke at the front of his freestyle. Thomas took in all the feedback from his individual butterfly into the fly leg of the medley relay, working hard on his kick to help get his hips up. Jack again took notes from his first backstroke swim to achieve his skills target to keep his head and shoulders back. A great improvement from all swimmers in the first month of the season, showing how hard work and attention to detail can really make a difference. Hopefully more skills and PBS to follow.

 Louise King – Inter Squad Coach

 The Junior swimmers did fantastically well at this weekends Arena League. To encourage the swimmers to complete their skills & targets correctly if they achieved the set target they got a Percy Pig!
They worked extremely hard, the goals ranged from streamline kicks 5m off the wall, not breathing into or out of turns, not looking over shoulders coming into the wall on backstroke. I believe out of all of the Junior swims only 2 goals were not achieved which is fantastic and this system will be being used again at future meets to encourage targets to be achieved. Not only did the swimmers show skillful swims but some of their times really chunked down which at the start of the season was really exciting to see!

Charlotte Ovenden – Junior Squad Coach

2014 AGM

The 2014 East Midlands League AGM takes place at 10.30am on 8th June 2014 at The Deepings Leisure Centre, Deeping St James, PE6 8NF

The AGM documentation is available for download here

2013 AGM

The East Midlands AGM will be held on 9th June 2013 10.0am for 10.30am Start – Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel, Corby, NN17 1AE

The 2012 AGM Minutes and 2013 AGM Agenda are available to download here

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Round One Results and Round Two Draws for The National Arena Swimming League East Midlands are now available.

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