Finals Weekend 2015 Lane Draws

Cup Final 26th April 2015 @ 12 noon in Cardiff
Lane  Club League
9 City of Derby WEST MIDLANDS                         
8 City of Leeds NORTH EAST   
7 Ellesmere College Titans NORTH WEST                       
6 Stockport Metro NORTH WEST                       
5 Guildford City SOUTH
4 Plymouth Leander WESTERN   
3 Millfield WESTERN   
2 Hatfield LONDON
1 City of Salford NORTH WEST                       
0 City of Peterborough EAST MIDLANDS                           
 B Final 25th April 2015 @ 12 noon in Cardiff 
Lane  Club  League
9 Boldmere WEST MIDLANDS                         
8 Preston NORTH WEST                       
7 City of Liverpool NORTH WEST                       
6 Ealing LONDON
5 Cardiff WESTERN   
4 City of Sheffield NORTH EAST   
3 Thanet Swim Club SOUTH
2 Swansea WESTERN   
1 City of Oxford SOUTH
0 Northampton EAST MIDLANDS                           

London - Premier League Final 2014

Basildon Sporting Village was unable to meet the requirement for the pool to be set up in 50m mode for the top gala in the Premier division on 13th December. The gala was swum in 25m mode, which precluded the top six placed teams from being entered into the virtual gala.

National Finalists 2015

Owing to a Protest at the London League final, there will be a delay in announcing those clubs who will be invited to the Finals Weekend in Cardiff at the end of April.

As soon as all the necessary investigations can be carried out and a decision arrived at the invitations will be issued.

Ian Mackenzie
National Secretary

Hy-Tek Team Converter File

After further testing we have found that the Hy-Tek Converter File is working correctly, the issue was with a release of Hy-Tek Team Manager, please ensure if you are using this file that you use Hy-Tek Team Manager version 7.0Fa or later.

Hy-Tek Team Converter File

We have discovered some issues with the Hy-Tek Team Converter File so as a temporary measure we have removed it from the website, we will be working on the issue and a new version will be made available soon.

The issue is caused by changes in format with the latest versions of Hy-Tek.

2014 Gala Documentation Update

We have had some questions about the compatibility of the Gala Recording Spreadsheet 2014 and Team Sheet 2014, we have completely rewritten these files for 2014 and they have been produced in .xlsx format. The files are fully compatible with Windows 7 or later and Office 2007 or later.

We are aware that it is possible to download Office Compatibility files from Microsoft so that older versions of Windows and Office can open .xlsx files, however we are unable to confirm that the files will work with this set-up.

For 2014 the files were heavily updated so that the galas are easier to run and we can produce results quicker for the British Rankings Database as a consequence they contain a number of macros that may encounter problems on older software. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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